Type: Water

Best place to find: Starter


1) Bite

2) Bubble Shot 3) N/A 4) N/A


Tadpolaris is a frog-like monster with white streaks on its head and white cheeks. It has a white chest and a white tip of its tail. It is one of the three crystal monsters you start the game with.

Encyclopedia DataEdit

"A water-type monster. It has an appearence similar to that of a Toad, and is adept at using healing skills."

Tadpolaris weighs 4 kg, is 40 cm tall, and its rarity (cat.) is Normal.


To evolve a Tadpolaris, you have to purchase a water essence core (200 g) and then give it to Tadpolaris at a certain level. If you choose Tadpolaris as a starter it is required in order to continue the game. When you first evolve a normal Tadpolaris (green) it turns into Tadpolaris Plus (pink) and evolved once again into a Mega Tadpolaris (blue).


A normal Tadpolaris knows two moves: Bite (animal) and Bubble Shot (water). Like Kiticon and Flowerpower, it also knows bite. When you evolve it into a Tadpolaris Plus, it learns Healing Dew (water). When you evolve it into a Mega Tadpolaris, it learns Healing squall (water).

Bite costs 0 of your SP. Bubble shot costs 1 of your SP. Healing dew costs 7 of your SP. Healing squall costs 48 of your SP.


  • When battling a non final water type, the water type looks like on the screen a Tadpolaris.
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  • It's namesake is Tadpole.