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Breeder's Office is where you can buy items, heal your crystal monsters, save the game, jump to other towns, and complete side quests.

Side QuestsEdit

Walk up to the man with the blue outfit named Nestor. He will offer you up to three side quests and the recommended level for your crystal monsters to be in there.

All Side Quests:Edit


Find ItemEdit

Find a red core in the forest. (LV 2-3)

Forest BossEdit

Defeat the monster boss in the forest. (LV5-6)


Capture wind monstersEdit

Capture three wind monsters in the restricted area. (LV 5-6)

Restricted Area BossEdit

Defeat the boss of the restricted area. (LV 8-10)

Find itemsEdit

Find three antidotes in the restricted area. (LV 18-20)


Find item

Find a blue core in the forest. (LV 8-9)

Capture MonstersEdit

Capture three rock monsters. (LV 9-10)

Cave BossEdit

Defeat the boss in the cave. (LV 20-22)


Find itemsEdit

Find three extinguish sprays in the desert. (LV 13-14)

Capture MonsterEdit

Capture three fire monsters in the desert. (LV 15-16)

Building BossEdit

Defeat the boss in the building. (LV 22-25)


Find itemsEdit

Find three net launchers in the cave. (LV 20-21)

Cave BossEdit

Defeat the monster boss in the cave. (LV 22-23)


Take a pircture of a rock monster.Edit

Take a picture of Elevil Plus on the mountain. (LV 25-27)

Find ItemEdit

Find a yellow core at a volcano. (LV 25-27)

Volcano bossEdit

Defeat the boss at the volcano. (LV 33-35)


Find ItemEdit

Find one gold core at the volcano. (LV 30-31)

Monster PictureEdit

Take a picture of the Serpentine Plus wind monster. (LV 30-31)

Capture MonstersEdit

Capture three dark monsters. (LV 40-45)


Supreme monsterEdit

Defeat the monster boss in the forest. (LV 45-50)

Supreme monsterEdit

Defeat the monster boss in the building. (LV 45-50)

Supreme monsterEdit

Defeat the monster boss at the Research Center. (LV 45-50)

Jump ServiceEdit

In order to jump to another town you've already been to at least once that has a Breeder's Office, walk up to the officer in the gray suit. He'll give you a list of places to go to.

All Locations:Edit

  • Dicot
  • Timber
  • Herbage
  • Cactus
  • Algae
  • Conifer
  • Vine
  • Reed


To buy something, walk up to the Merchant in the green and brown outfit. The items vary in each town. If you're running low on g then battle wild crystal monsters.


Go to Herbage Town's Breeding Office and talk to Clint. He'll be inside after you have helped him get rid of the "ghosts" in the basement of his home. Clint will allow you to partner a male and a female together to create one of three monsters given you. The first two will be the same exact kinds as the parents. For example, if you breed a Kiticon and a Tadpolaris the first two choices for the baby monster will be a Kiticon and a Tadolaris. The third baby monster depends on the types of the parents and their evolution status. Evolved monsters are more likely to breed evolved monsters. It is possible to obtain supreme and even extreme crystal monsters this way, but not final monsters. Unfortunately in the process you loose the parents, so you have to choose wisely.